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Jinbi Jin
e-mail: math [at] jinbijin [dot] nl



Explicit computation of the first étale cohomology on curves→ arXiv.org 27-07-2017
Homogeneous division polynomials for Weierstrass elliptic curves→ arXiv.org 18-03-2013

Research talks

Computation of étale cohomology on curves with constructible coefficients (Bonn, number theory seminar) 19-04-2017
Computability of the étale Euler-Poincaré characteristic with finite coefficients (Leiden, number theory seminar) 07-10-2016
Classification of torsors over curves (Leiden, mini-conference) 25-06-2013
Multiplication by n on elliptic curves over rings (Rennes, cryptography seminar) 26-10-2012


Computability of the étale Euler-Poincaré characteristic→ leidenuniv.nl 18-01-2017

Study seminar talks

The pro-étale site II 25-11-2014
The pro-étale site I 18-11-2014
Cohomology on the étale sites 07-10-2014
The dualising complex and Grothendieck-Serre duality 23-04-2014
Specialisation theory for the étale fundamental group 11-12-2013
Polarisations of abelian varieties 05-12-2013
Introduction 02-10-2013
Blow-ups 26-09-2012
Generalised Weierstrass equations and elementary universal families 12-03-2012
Differentials and translation actions on modules on group schemes 05-03-2012
The etale site 29-03-2011

LaTeX2e packages

namedtheorem v0.2 Corrects \autoref behaviour with respect to numbered theorems. 09-07-2013
dlsw v0.2 Provides alternative syntax for managing delimiter sizes. 23-04-2013


Algebra 1 (Leiden, Spring 2015)

Étale Cohomology Seminar (Leiden, Fall 2014)

Lineaire Algebra 2→ leidenuniv.nl (Leiden, Fall 2014)

Algebraic Geometry→ ru.nl (Mastermath, Spring 2014)

Étale Fundamental Group Seminar (Leiden, Fall 2013)

Lineaire Algebra 1→ leidenuniv.nl (Leiden, Fall 2013)

Algebra 1 (Leiden, Spring 2013)

Algebra 1 (Leiden, Spring 2011)