Étale Cohomology

Seminar organised by Jinbi Jin (jinmengjun [plus] ec [at] gmail [dot] com)


Time and location

Meeting 0: Tuesday 30 September, 17:00-???, location Sn401

Tuesdays 15:10-17:00, starting on 7 October, location Sn312 (except for 14 October, then the location is SnB01)



See program below. We will first treat the étale cohomology on curves and the étale cohomological tools that go with it, before treating some more advanced topics.


We will also aim to treat at least one (but hopefully multiple) of the following topics.




7 October Jinbi Jin Cohomology on the étale sites
14 October (B01) Wouter Zomervrucht Descent on the étale site→ leidenuniv.nl
21 October Raymond van Bommel Cohomology on quasi-coherents, torsors, \(H^1\), and the Picard group
28 October Giulio Orecchia Étale cohomology over points and curves
4 November Qijun Yan Statement of the Lefschetz trace formula
11 November Bas Edixhoven The Lefschetz trace formula: why so general?→ leidenuniv.nl
18 November Bas Edixhoven
Jinbi Jin
The Lefschetz trace formula: an example→ leidenuniv.nl
The pro-étale site I
25 November Jinbi Jin The pro-étale site II
2 December Maxim Mornev The pro-étale cohomology of \(\underline{\mathbb Z}_{\ell}\)→ leidenuniv.nl
9 December Maxim Mornev
Wouter Zomervrucht
The pro-étale cohomology of \(\underline{\mathbb Z}_{\ell}\)→ leidenuniv.nl
The étale fundamental group→ leidenuniv.nl
16 December Wouter Zomervrucht The pro-étale fundamental group→ leidenuniv.nl